Christmas Cookie Recipes

Christmas is without a doubt my favorite time of year….plus, there’s so many sweets!!! For this post, I found our family’s Christmas cookie recipes and wanted to share one of my favorites with y’all! We make them every Christmas in my family and they’re some of the best cookies on the planet!! (Plus the dough is pretty good too!)

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Chocolate Pixies Recipe

What You’ll Need:

– Sift 2 Cups of Enriched Flour

– 2 TSPs of Baking Powder

– 1/2 TSP Salt

– Melt 1/4 Cup of Butter

– 4 Squares of Unsweetened Baking Chocolate

– 2 Cups of Sugar

– 4 Eggs

– 2 TSP of Vanilla

– *add nuts if you wish*

What To Do:

– Mix all dry ingredients

– Let sit overnight

– Dish our a TSP sized dough ball

– Roll in Powdered Sugar

– Bake for 10-13 mins

– Enjoy!

Dressing Room Diaries: Old Navy’s Up to 60% Off Sale

*Linked in Order* but the Twill Jacket is linked on my profile (& in more colors!)

Buffalo Plaid Flannel (20% off) // Oatmeal Flannel Tunic (20% off) // Vest (50% off) // Sherpa Hoodie (20% off) similar to the one I tried on // Twill Jacket (20% off) // Toasty Sweatshirt (20% off) // Santa Understands Sweatshirt (20% off) // Wake Up Presents Nap Repeat Sweatshirt (20% off) // Out of Office Sweatshirt (20% off)

Review: Treat Your Feet Buckhead

Hey y’all! So recently a bunch of friends from work and I had our Christmas party and we decided to go get massages at Treat Your Feet in Buckhead and then grab dinner at Maggiano’s. It was such a fun evening and I just wanted to talk to y’all a little bit about the experience!

My History With Massages

I had actually never gotten a massage prior to this, I don’t do pedicures or anything like that because I don’t really like when other people touch my feet, just a me thing.

The Process

So we went in as our group and they took us back to the larger group space that we reserved ahead of time. There were a bunch of large leather lounge chairs, ottomans, blankets and privacy curtains. The lights were on when we arrived and all that and it was super clean.

When they first came in, they soaked our feet in water (I guess to either sanitize or soften our feet — maybe both??? Once again, I don’t do this regularly so I have no idea) and then a few minutes later came back. They put lotion on our feet and if you have pants that you’re able to pull up, you were also able to get your legs and ankles massaged as well. They did this for a while and they started with my left leg then my right and then folded a towel over them and left.

When they came back this time, they had hot stones and another tool that looked like chopsticks but with a rubber end. The hot stones were actually really hot (if they stayed in the same spot too long probably would have burned me a little) but they felt good at the same time since they were constantly moving and not just resting on my feet or ankle or leg. My masseuse put them on the bottoms of my feet and then on the sides of my legs too. They still did more of the massages from earlier but just added their other tools into their routine.

They came back once again and told us to flip around in the chair so our head was on the pillow of the ottoman and our feet were toward the head of the chair. We all did so and from there they massaged our head, face, neck and shoulders for the last 8-10 minutes (our session was an hour long).

My Opinion

I actually loved this whole experience and I’m not usually one to enjoy this type of thing.

At the very beginning, we didn’t have a long wait time at all and they cleaned the room thoroughly before we even had a chance to go inside.

The masseuse I had was very nice and used the right pressure consistently. I didn’t feel pain or discomfort from any of it (although in between my toes did tickle….)

The only part that really hurt was the knots in my shoulders (but who wouldn’t hurt) but once I left, they felt so much better. On day 2, I was a little sore but my posture definitely felt better and my shoulders felt way less tense.

{A few of my coworkers almost fell asleep too so to say it’s relaxing is an understatement!}

I liked that it was separated out into segments and I felt like I had a full massage experience when it was over and not like they left any sequence out or half-did any of it.

The cost I felt was reasonable too! It was $40 for an hour ($25 for half hour ….click here for more).

Out of 5 stars I would give this place all 5! It was so relaxing and it was a fun experience with friends too!



Gift Guide: For the Jetsetter

Hey Y’all! Yes, another gift guide for y’all this week!

I know so(ooooooo) many people who travel for their jobs or just love being on the go so I created this fun little gift guide for those people in your life!

Below I will just link all the products listed here and then a short blurb about each one! Continue reading “Gift Guide: For the Jetsetter”

Nordstrom Black Friday Faves

Hey y’all! It’s a short week ending in food and shopping and I know we’re all happy about that! Hope everyone is looking forward to this week and time with family and friends!

Just wanted to hop on the blog today and give y’all a rundown of my favorite items included in the Nordstrom sale. I like Nordstrom because when I’m looking for a specific brand or item I can usually find it a whole lot easier than if I went elsewhere! Nordstrom is also one of those places that I just get lost in and could stay in for hours!!

For Black Friday, they are doing up to 60% off for their sale and then also if you’re shopping the sale online you get free shipping/returns. For this post, I’m just giving y’all my favorite pieces included in the sale and I’ll break it down by category. Each picture will be linked and I’ll drop how much it is as well as the percentage off it is below the picture. Continue reading “Nordstrom Black Friday Faves”

Black Friday Run Down

Hey y’all! Long time, no see!! But I’m back and I’m here to tell y’all about some of my favorite deals for Black Friday as well as give y’all advice on where to go for whatever it is you’re looking for!

Black Friday is such a fun time and the rush is always super early but if you grab some friends and family it’s not that bad (unless it’s those people who fight over a TV at Target then just head on out, you don’t need that negativity in your life babe!)

Below I have outlined the best places per category and obviously these aren’t the only Black Friday deals out there but based on what y’all have asked for, these are the types of things y’all want to see! Continue reading “Black Friday Run Down”

Dressing Room Diaries: Dress Up

Dressing Room Diaries: Dress Up

Hey y’all! Happy Monday!! I did a try-on at Dress Up today of some of their new arrivals as well as some of my favorite sweaters and things they have available!

Instead of calling these try-ons and all that, I’m just gonna call these fun little things Dressing Room Diaries and then I can tell y’all some extra info on each item that goes further than just, “here’s a link and a price.” Continue reading “Dressing Room Diaries: Dress Up”