Hey y’all!  I’m Alex. I’m a recent college grad with a love for sharing my faith, social media, shopping, spending time with friends and family and a good sporting event. I’m a native Georgian currently hangin’ out in Atlanta-ish… I love all things southern and classic but with a twist — so if that’s your kinda style stick around!

About the blog:

I have started (and stopped…) several times with this whole blogging thing. I could never find a name that fit or one that I felt was creative enough or one that was simply me. Until Peach Posh — I have always had a love for puns (pish posh// peach posh….get it…) So one day, I just took the leap and hit publish and here I am. On the blog, you’ll see a little bit of everything (because obviously I’m not a one-niche-only kinda girl…). You’ll see fashion, recipes, college advice, a little about my faith, drugstore dupe make-up, skincare, room décor, maybe some videos (we’ll see…) and some other fun things along the way! Thanks for stopping by, grab ya some coffee and come hang out for awhile 🙂