My Favorite Christmas Home Decor

Hey y’all! As some of y’all may have guessed by my Instagram, Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year! All the commercials are peppy and excited, Nativity scenes are literally everywhere (and everybody’s is different), your faith in humanity gets restored a little bit by some of the news stories and little kids are just beside themselves in waiting for Santa.  For this post, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite pieces that I have in my home currently. On this post’s picture, the banner is from Altar’d State but it wouldn’t let me link it here so check them out in store to see if they still have it! It was only $22 when I bought it but it’s the perfect little countdown for this fun holiday! Of course I could go into way more detail, but here are my top 7 picks!


Alex (& Merry Christmas Y’all!)

// Candle: Paddywax // Blanket: Altar’d State // Nativity Scene: Angel Tree // Ornaments: Crate & Barrel // Oh Come Let Us Adore Him sign: Altar’d State // North Pole Post Box: Altar’d State // Christmas Tree Farm Sign: Altar’d State //

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