Gift Guide: For the Jetsetter

Hey Y’all! Yes, another gift guide for y’all this week!

I know so(ooooooo) many people who travel for their jobs or just love being on the go so I created this fun little gift guide for those people in your life!

Below I will just link all the products listed here and then a short blurb about each one!

If you have any questions, feel free to message me on Instagram (@peachposhblog) or comment on here and I will gladly get back to y’all ASAP! 🙂



Portable Phone Charger // I don’t care who you are, phones always die when you need them the most! Luckily, power banks and travel chargers are there to save the day! I found this one from Sonix but you can find a bunch of these at different technology/appliance stores or somewhere like Nordstrom!

Duffel Bag // For weekend trips, these bags are a life saver!! I used mine all the time in college or on weekend trips to Nashville even! They hold so much and the one tagged here is faux leather so it can withstand some wear and tear.

Barefoot Dreams Travel Shawl // First of all, this thing is Barefoot Dreams which is the softest brand on the planet and second of all, airports are usually cold and you can be stuck there for awhile so they’ll definitely use this!

Cocktail Kit for the Plane // All the frequent flyers out there will thank you for this one! There’s several different options but this yellow one pictured is Champagne.

Make-Up Setting Spray // Okay, this probably seems off base but some of my friends who fly all the time say they sleep or their make-up rubs off. One of my best friends usually waits and sprays this at the airport and the travel size is usually okay to travel with even with the restrictions on liquids.

Slip-On Shoes // Traveling can be annoying or you can be like me and always in a rush… these shoes are life savers!!

Eye Mask // Eye Masks are great for plane rides! Easy for sleeping and great for when adjusting to sleeping in a hotel for the first night! (The one tagged here is different than the one in the picture, the picture one is on Amazon!)

Passport Holder // If the jetsetter in your life uses a passport frequently, I’m sure they’d appreciate a really cute passport holder. Plus, it’s something they can consistently use and won’t just sit around in their bag!

Travel Size Hair Tools // This one is the Buttercup from Dry Bar but travel-sized! I know even when I go on short trips that my hair tools can take up a lot of space in my bag so these travel sized tools are perfect!

Cute (& Durable!) Carry-On // Carry-Ons now can fit a huge chunk of stuff. Some people can even fit all their needs for a trip in a carry-on so it’s important to get one that’s durable for the person’s needs and also to think about how frequently they will be using it!

Color Corrector // Okay, I know this one also seems out of place but another one of my friends who goes on a lot of overnight flights said this is a life saver in the morning before getting off the plane! She’s had to go straight to a meeting or to see several people or even just had a long day ahead. She said that this product specifically (or even the primer/concealer) are both super helpful!

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