Gift Guide: For the Jetsetter

Hey Y’all! Yes, another gift guide for y’all this week!

I know so(ooooooo) many people who travel for their jobs or just love being on the go so I created this fun little gift guide for those people in your life!

Below I will just link all the products listed here and then a short blurb about each one! Continue reading “Gift Guide: For the Jetsetter”

Gift Guide: For the Homebody


Hey y’all! It’s officially my favorite time of year! I love getting people gifts, Secret Santa and all the other fun things that happen during this time. I figured since it is the last week of November and all the holiday shopping is coming up, I could post some gift guides for y’all this week. I started out with the Homebody because you either are a homebody or you know a homebody. I put together some of my favorite finds and they all range in price points so you won’t have to break the bank for something cute! Continue reading “Gift Guide: For the Homebody”

Nordstrom Black Friday Faves

Hey y’all! It’s a short week ending in food and shopping and I know we’re all happy about that! Hope everyone is looking forward to this week and time with family and friends!

Just wanted to hop on the blog today and give y’all a rundown of my favorite items included in the Nordstrom sale. I like Nordstrom because when I’m looking for a specific brand or item I can usually find it a whole lot easier than if I went elsewhere! Nordstrom is also one of those places that I just get lost in and could stay in for hours!!

For Black Friday, they are doing up to 60% off for their sale and then also if you’re shopping the sale online you get free shipping/returns. For this post, I’m just giving y’all my favorite pieces included in the sale and I’ll break it down by category. Each picture will be linked and I’ll drop how much it is as well as the percentage off it is below the picture. Continue reading “Nordstrom Black Friday Faves”

Black Friday Run Down

Hey y’all! Long time, no see!! But I’m back and I’m here to tell y’all about some of my favorite deals for Black Friday as well as give y’all advice on where to go for whatever it is you’re looking for!

Black Friday is such a fun time and the rush is always super early but if you grab some friends and family it’s not that bad (unless it’s those people who fight over a TV at Target then just head on out, you don’t need that negativity in your life babe!)

Below I have outlined the best places per category and obviously these aren’t the only Black Friday deals out there but based on what y’all have asked for, these are the types of things y’all want to see! Continue reading “Black Friday Run Down”