Dressing Room Diaries: Dress Up

Hey y’all! Happy Monday!! I did a try-on at Dress Up today of some of their new arrivals as well as some of my favorite sweaters and things they have available!

Instead of calling these try-ons and all that, I’m just gonna call these fun little things Dressing Room Diaries and then I can tell y’all some extra info on each item that goes further than just, “here’s a link and a price.”

If you have any questions about the items below feel free to comment or message me on Instagram and I will do my best to answer them as best I can! For shipping information for your online orders, there’s a section on their website, which is linked here, so y’all can see about how long their shipments take, the cost (around $7.95 for orders under $75, over $75 is free shipping) and all that good stuff if you’re purchasing online!

If you’re purchasing in a store, or wanting to purchase from a store, here is the link for all 20 of their locations in the Southeast! 🙂

For sizing reference: I’m 5’5″ (long legs, long torso) and everything is a small below unless listed otherwise!

Happy Shopping Y’all!



This was super big on me, I’m pretty small and thin so it didn’t look all that great on me, personally. However, I really liked the length and the twist back on it was super cute too! The color was a nice darker grey but in some light it had an Olive looking tone too. The material was really stretchy which gives you the ability to wear it a bunch of different ways (off the shoulder, front tuck, front knot, etc). The fabric wasn’t itchy but it wasn’t super soft either, it was a good mix.

// Danni Oversized Twist Back Sweater // $28.99 //

I really liked the length and the quality of this sweater. The print on it is really cute and you can choose how you want the sleeves (bell versus drawstring balloon). I also like where the V neck hits because it’s not too deep where you show too much! This one actually really surprised me because I didn’t think I would like it on that much! Plus, gotta love the neutral cream and grey combo!

// Mackenzie Drawstring Balloon Sleeve Sweater // $39.99 //

This one was so comfy and I LOVED the fabric!! Super stretchy but not stretchy enough that it would lose its shape. It has a cute cowl neck at the top and the sleeves got a little slimmer as they went down so you still had some shape. This grey is one of my favorites because it isn’t as plain and has a little more dimension!

// Graham Cowl Neck Sweater // $36.99 //

Once again, this one SURPRISED the heck out of me!! I’m not a huge ruffle person and some bell sleeves just don’t look great on me but I honestly really liked this one. It was the right amount of fitted versus loose. The one I have on in this pic is a small and I would say it runs TTS! Length wise, I have a long torso so I wish it were a tad bit longer but other than that I really liked it! The color was cute, the fit was cute, the fabric was soft and the sleeves were fun and different.

// Audrey Ruffle Sleeve Sweater // $36.99 //

Not a huge fan of this sleeve trend on me but I think it would look super cute on someone else! The color is really cute and different (&….the color of the year according to Pantone). The V-Neck on this one is also pretty modest so you don’t have to worry about showing something you don’t want to. I do wish it was a little bit longer in length because of my torso but other than that I liked the fit of this one. I would definitely get your normal size because the sleeves may look a little crazy if you don’t! The feel of it is super soft and it’s ribbed throughout.

// Rowan Balloon Sleeve Sweater // $42.99 //

I always feel like a clown with these sleeves but this one comes in a couple different colors (the link below will have all the options shown). I did like the color and the type of material. It was soft and not scratchy for this kind of sweater. I really liked the length and that it did fit a little more oversized and not so skin tight as some do.

// Brailee Oversized Balloon Sleeve Sweater // $38.99 // comes in Charcoal, Ivory and Blush //

I loved the colors in this color block sweater!! They’re nice neutrals and the scoop neck hits in the right spot to be comfortable. The fabric was a little itchy so I would suggest maybe a long sleeve tee underneath or at least a tank top to relieve that a little bit. Other than that, I love the fit and how long it is and they’re nice neutrals for fall and winter.

// Brielle Color Blocked Sweater // $38.99 //

Okay, I’m obsessed with this one!! I actually bought it online on Sunday because I just couldn’t wait (LOL). It’s so cute and has a lot of different elements that makes it unique. From the cold shoulder, the bows and the overall color, it’s just very different than other sweaters I’ve seen. It is a little more on the scratchy side but that doesn’t bother me but keep that in mind if you order online.

// Braxton Cold Shoulder Sweater // $38.99 //

These cropped flare jeans are the same ones I wore during this whole try-on. I like flares but crop jeans just look really short on my long legs. I do really like the distressing on these and the color though. These are good quality jeans for a good price too! I’ve gotten a ton of jeans from Dress Up and each pair has lasted me awhile!

// Zoe Medium Wash Cropped Flare Jeans // $38.99 //

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