Dress-Up Haul: New Arrivals for Week of 10/7

***not an ad, just a store I really love***

Some of y’all have seen my “Where I Shop” space toward the bottom of my blog site, and if you have, you’ve seen Dress Up.

Dress Up is the cutest boutique that started in Gainesville, Georgia and has 20 locations in the southeast. However, if you do not live in the southeast, you can order online and shipping is FREE for $75 orders and up!!

Another reason why I LOVE this place: 65+ New Arrivals EVERY WEEK!!!! EVERY WEEK Y’ALL!!! ANNNND: this place is affordable, it doesn’t take a millionaire to afford these clothes!

I used to be an It Girl for this boutique in college and it was one of the best experiences!! It gave me the opportunity to meet new friends, each month I had free clothes sent to me (that’s a winner in my book), and it’s clothes are good quality!!

****If you like what you’re hearing, keep reading****

Each week that they get in these amazing new arrivals, they send out the Sunday Preview on their Instagram (which is linked here) and then at 8pm est they post all their new arrivals on their website!!

I’m going to start a series for Sunday nights of this month, where I pick some of my favorites from the preview and link them below along with their pricing. {Check my Instagram account for try-ons there in the near future}

Here are my favorites from this week’s Sunday Preview! I’m just going to do 10 for this one but may do more or less in the future depending on which pieces I like! I hope you love them! And if you snag one, comment or tag me on Instagram!!



Leigh Lightweight Parka $44.99 // linked here.

Louisa Basic Sweater: $38.99 // linked here.

Madison Knit Sweater: $42.99 // linked here.

April Side Slit Sweater: $42.99 // linked here.

Reagan Striped Sweater: $44.99 // linked here.

Iris Off The Shoulder Ruffle Top: $34.99 // linked here.

Kristan Star Knit Sweater: $44.99 // linked here.

Elena Popcorn Knit Hoodie: $44.99 // linked here.

Faye Button Up Boho Print Maxi: $44.99 // linked here.

Laci Striped Cardigan: $44.99 // linked here.

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