Now Trending….Fall Colors

img_7248Happy Wednesday Y’all!! Hope y’all have had a great week so far!

I’ve gotten some questions on my Instagram about some major colors and textures and style trends for fall. So for now I’m just going to list out colors that are huge right now for fall and that you need in your closet ASAP!!! Another post with full details will come soon!!

1. Mustard — okay, personally I thought with my skin tone I would look super washed out in “mustard” and that, that color should just stay a condiment and that be it. Well, I was wrong! I tried some on the other day and absolutely loved them!!

2. Olive — this color is always big for fall! It’s a perfect color to still go with neutrals but it also doesn’t feel drab and gross. I like to mix some brighter colors into my neutrals that way my closet doesn’t look super brown and olive is a great color to work with.

3. Navy — I swear my entire closet is NAVY!! It’s just one of those colors that I am drawn to and it also helps that it’s a color you can absolutely wear year round!

4. Blush — you would think this would be a spring color but there are so many twists that can make this fall ready!! Another one of my favorite colors!!

5. Maroon– this color looks so good on so many different skin types!! It also brings attention to your face and makes gestures like blue eyes pop!!

6. Rust — I have so much of this color and didn’t even realize! I usually don’t go for a straight up “orange” but I do like the more red oranges for me personally!!

7. Dark Teal — no this isn’t what JLO call “the color of gangrene” from The Wedding Planner but rather a fun way to wear blue besides a denim on denim look!

8. Purple — again, you would think this would be more of a spring color but even a pretty lavender could make it into your fall and winter wardrobe!!

These are all just colors I’ve noticed while shopping and just trends I am seeing while stores are getting ready for the fall season!!



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