Fresh Pick Friday Series

Kickin’ my first week of “real blogging” off with the beginning of a series I’m calling Fresh Picks of the Week or as it will be known on the gram #freshpicks (very “on brand” I know 😉 ). These posts will be on Fridays only and will be of things that I’ve worn, used or something fun I learned that week! Some Friday’s will have them and some won’t. I only want to post good content that is helpful for y’all!

For this week’s #freshpicks, I decided just to start with a little bit of everything but as they go on I’ll make them more structured (for example I can give y’all lists of: jeans, bralettes, skincare products, make-up, nail polish, jewelry, podcasts, books, devotions, best of look book from one of my favorite brands….etc. you get the picture). **None of this is sponsored or an ad, my personal opinions only!** 🙂

1. Podcast: The Sweet Scoop by Tessa Arias // Okay, I’m going to be real with y’all for a minute…I didn’t think I would like podcasts and I thought they were like lectures from college (yuck, right?) Well, I was wrong! Y’all, if you want to start a blog, or if you are looking toward something like a small business, this podcast can so help you out! It’s of people who are successful in their endeavors with this whole process of “blogging” and/or with their own small businesses and it’s great information. Even if you have no background in communication or public relations, you can find something beneficial on her podcast! Her blog is linked here and her podcast is linked here !!

2.  Book:  Everybody Always by Bob Goff  //  I think we can all agree we are amateurs at loving others well. It is hard and it is not always easy to love that person you just got cut off by in traffic or to love that person that is tainting your reputation or to love that person who is in a bad mood every time you see him or her. Honestly, Bob Goff really called me out with this book and it’s worth the read for sure! (It’s also a shorter read for y’all who aren’t really into reading). Book is linked here on Amazon.

3. Make-Up Product: L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Mascara in Carbon Black // This mascara does everything!! It’s my favorite mascara because it doesn’t make my eyelashes clump together and I don’t get mascara crumbs throughout the day! It’s a win-win, oh and it’s $5 at the drugstore so, you’re welcome! Mascara is linked here.

4. Skincare Product: Rodan + Fields Lash Boost // I recently became a Rodan and Fields consultant and for those of y’all who don’t know what Rodan and Fields is you can read up on it and see the products here. But basically, Lash Boost is an easy one swipe, per eye a night process and gives you longer, thicker lashes in just 4 weeks!! It’s amazing and I’ve been using it for almost a month now and have loved it!! It’s not technically a “skincare product” but it does what it says it’ll do!! I haven’t had any issues using it and it’s one of those products I wish I used sooner!! Lash Boost specifically linked here.

5. Jewelry: Kendra Scott Edie Cuff // I love this bracelet!! I received mine as a gift and it matches so many different outfits! Mine is in “pearl white.” Obviously, Kendra Scott is a little more expensive than some brands but all of it is good quality and will last if taken care of well! I have several things from Kendra Scott and love how versatile the products are, from earrings to necklaces to cuffs! This bracelet is linked here.

6. Favorite Blogger: Madi Nelson (@heymadinelson) // Her entire instagram is flawless and her baby is just adorable!! You would probably love her stuff and she’s hilarious! Her instagram is linked here.

7. Best Cozy Blanket: Threshhold by Target // Y’all don’t even know how much use I get out of these blankets!! You can use them as a throw, put them on your bed, use them on the ground at a bonfire — honestly however you wanna use it! They’re super soft and they don’t shed all over your leggings (let’s be real you probably have leggings on as you read this — amirite or am I right?) I have linked my favorite here.

8. Album: Look Up Child by Lauren Daigle // You would have to listen to the album to fully understand why I love it so much!! You can find it on Apple Music and Spotify! Spotify Album linked here.

9. Snack: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough by Just {For All} (@ Publix) // If you’re into healthy, I’m sorry this one isn’t healthy but there’s a similar one also at Publix called Sweet Loren’s that is actually healthy and is really good! I love this cookie dough, you can bake it or eat it plain and both ways it is amazing!! Brand is linked here but can be found at Publix.

10. Workout: HIIT // aka High Intensity Interval Training which sounds scary but it’s not! It’s a fun workout which I know those sound completely different but it is. HIIT workouts use several different workouts in one so you won’t be using weights for thirty mins but maybe 5-10 or you’ll be doing something for 1 minute and leading up to your 30 minute workout with breaks in between. There are several available on the App Store and Pinterest has several listed throughout. I don’t have a specific link on this because I want to recommend what I do but pick something that is best for you! Everybody’s body is different and how you workout is going to be different than how I workout. For example, I was a dancer so flexibility is something that is important to me in my workouts and stretches. For you, that may or may not be the case. So do whatever is best for you!

Thank y’all so much for all the support y’all have already given this blog and I look forward to getting to know all of y’all!



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